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Common Science Calculators to Help Anything From Dilutions to Concentrations.


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Stunning collection of science videos.

About Us is shaped by strong fundamentals that define the pillars of science.
Our core purpose defines the reason for this website: To serve the scientific community.
It gives our web site heart and we promise to maintain the highest
ethical standards expected from the scientific world.
Protocolpedia is provided free as a service to the scientific community.
We are proud to be biggest growing collection of direct scientific protocols of any site in the world.

iphone Protocols

ProtocolPedia Now on iPhone!

Now you can carry your collection of protocols with you. Protocolpedia is now available as an app on itunes that works on iphone,ipod touch and ipad. Same login can be used on both this website and the app. All the feature of this website are available on the app. Our app features offline protocols (no need to be online or connected to wi-fi), Calculators (Check out our PCR Mastermix calculator),Videos and a live forum. Now connect in scientific discussions right from your phone including abilty to post pictures.


Editor-in-chief at Protocol Pedia
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Wake Forest University
North Carolina, USA
Vishruti Makani
Vishruti MakaniPhD

Canada Research Chair in Stem Cell Biology & Functional Genomics , Associate Professor & Associate Chair , Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering University of Toronto,Director, Gene Trap Mutagenesis, Centre for Modeling Human Disease

Dr. William L. Stanford,
Dr. William L. Stanford, Ph.D.

Laboratory of genetics & physiology
NIDDK, National Institutes of Health

Dr. Lothar Hennighausen
Dr. Lothar HennighausenPh.D

Max Delbrück Professor of Biology and Investigator,
Howard Huges Medical Institute

Dr. Pamela Bjorkman
Dr. Pamela BjorkmanPh.D.Max Mobilcom

Associate Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry Department
Yale University

Dr. Michael Koelle
Dr. Michael Koelle

Department of Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Timothy J. Mitchison
Dr. Timothy J. MitchisonPh.D

Eli Lilly Chair in Pediatric Diabetes
Wells Center for Pediatric Research
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr. Raghu G. Mirmira, MD
Dr. Raghu G. Mirmira, MDPhD

Professor of Pharmacology
Associate Director of Genomics
University of California Davi

Dr. Peggy Farnham
Dr. Peggy Farnham

Department of Microbiology
University of California Davi

Dr. John R. Roth
Dr. John R. RothDistinguished Professor